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Sell 180CC ATV   Jan 10,2006
Product Name: 180CC ATVModel Number: XYST180Place of Origin: ChinaFeature: 1) Body size (mm): 1,880 x 1,070 x 1,100 2) Axle span (mm): 1,150 3) Wheel span (mm): a) Fr: 735 b) Re: 810
China (Mainland)
Sell Electric Scooter   Jan 10,2006
Product Name: Electric ScooterModel Number: XYDH-036Place of Origin: ChinaLoad weight: 120Kg Move way: go forward & move backward Product size: 1330*540*1030mm Carton size:1200*640*590mm Batte
China (Mainland)
Sell Pocket Bike   Jan 10,2006
Product Name: Pocket BikeModel Number: XYQH-816sPlace of Origin: ChinaSpecifications: 1) Engine: 49cc, single-cylinder, water-cooled, 2-stroke 2) Max. speed: 60- 70km/h 3) Fire mode: CDI 4) Elect
China (Mainland)
Sell Electric Bike   Jan 10,2006
Product Name: Electric BikeModel Number: TDN28ZPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1) Patented outside design 2) Car class roast paint 3) Powerful brush motor, rare-earth permanent magnet products 4)
China (Mainland)
Product Name: EEC Approved MotorcycleModel Number: XY150TPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1) Body size (L x W x H): 1,950 x 700 x 1,160mm 2) Wheel nase: 1360mm 3) Ground clearance: 115mm 4) Top s
China (Mainland)
Sell Brush Cutter   Jan 10,2006
Product Name: Brush CutterModel Number: XYG02Place of Origin: ChinaEngine type: 2 stroke 33cc single cylinder gasoline engine Engine displacement: 33cc Revolving Diameter: 255mm Revolving Speed:
China (Mainland)
Sell ATV   Jan 10,2006
Product Name: ATVModel Number: XYST125Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1)Body size(mm): 1630x910x830 2)Carton size(mm): 1640x960x830 3)Container: 42pcs/40HQ 4)Axle span(mm): 1130 5)Wheel span(mm):
China (Mainland)
Product Name: 4 Stroke 13hp Gasoline EngineModel Number: XY188FPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1) Model: XY188F 2) Structure: single cylinder, air cooling, 4 stroke OHV, 13HP gasoline engine 3) Di
China (Mainland)
Product Name: Portable 1" Water PumpModel Number: DP10PPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1) Diameter of inlet / outlet: 25.4mm 2) Total head: 25m 3) Suction distance: 7m 4) Max. flow volume
China (Mainland)
Product Name: Sound Proof Diesel GeneratorModel Number: HDY5000LXBPlace of Origin: ChinaModel: HDY5000LXB Type: Revolving Magnetic Field,Self-excitating,2 Poles, Brushless, Single-phase V
China (Mainland)
Sell Sea Scooter   Jan 10,2006
Product Name: Sea ScooterModel Number: XYSH650Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1) Product size: 2200 x 1150 x 1550 mm 2) Speed: 10km/h 3) Min depth: 0.6m 4) Max load: 75kg 5) Engine: 49cc, 1.42
China (Mainland)
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