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We have a factory which can manufacture usp23, usp24, bp93 and bp94 standard xylose and xylitol and fcc four xylitol. We can supply these goods in good quantity and quality. We have exported the goods
China (Mainland)
Sell D-Xylose Xylitol   Feb 21,2006
Product Name: D-Xylose XylitolModel Number: FA001Place of Origin: ChinaSpecifications: BP/USP/FCC Packing: 25kg/bag Conveyance: Qty/20'' FCL: 18MT
China (Mainland)
We are manufacturing and exporting top quality silicon rubber wrist band and other silicon rubber products. We can supply various style, color and designs according to client''s requirements.
China (Mainland)
Sell Refrigerant 415a   Feb 14,2006
1) 415a won the Chinese Encouragement for Science and Invention in 2000 years, and it is listed as the important environmental protection technique item China EPB and was accepted by "S
China (Mainland)
Important monomer of organic fluorine material to polymerize special fluoride compound PPVE,PSVE,PEVE,PMVE,PFA, and fluorite surfactant, perfluoropolyethers(PFPE), HFA, Biphenol AF etc. Purity:
China (Mainland)
1) Group formula: Rf-SO2F, Rf-SO3H, Rf-SO3Na 2) Appearance: translucent granular 3) The decompose temperature: 350 4) Resin density: 1.98 5) Exchange capacity, mmole/g(dry): 0.8-1.30
China (Mainland)
1) Technical standard: grade A 2) Content (based on NaHF2): 鈮?8.5% 3) Sodium Hexafluoro silicate (based on Na2SiF6):鈮?.5% 4) Water Insoluble: 鈮?.3% 5) Moisture: 鈮?% 6) Grain (0.43um standard
China (Mainland)
Sell Refrigerant THR02   Feb 13,2006
1) State Invention Patent, 1999 A Class State Recommend Item for Environment Protect, 2000 State Technology Invention Award, accepted by SNAP. 2) USEPA as a substitute for CFC-12 and HFC-134a in
China (Mainland)
Product Name: Medium Size Molding Powder SM021 - PTFE DF-11Model Number: 018Features: 1) The resin is suitable for making insulating film for windings, thin wall products, precise parts for turning
China (Mainland)
Sell Guano Granules   Jan 11,2006
Product Name: Guano GranulesModel Number: 2-4mmPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures and specifications: 1) Excellent source of organic phosphorus and calcium, as well as a wealth of trace minerals an
China (Mainland)
Anadrol anabolic hormone powder If this item is in your favor, please kindly let me know. Email ID: [email protected] Skype ID: lisa.li365 Chemical Name: 5a-androstan-2-hydroxymethylene-17al
China (Mainland)
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