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120 degree elbow silicone hose reinforced by polyester fiber is frequent hose used in vehicles and other industries. This configuration gives the hose greater flexibility and strength against the envi
China (Mainland)
Reinforced fiberglass mesh cloth has three types namely interior wall insulation fiberglass mesh, exterior wall fiberglass mesh and GRC reinforced mesh cloth Reinforced fiberglass mesh cloth is used
China (Mainland)
Specifications: 1) PTC heater 2) Safe, efficient and energy saving 3) Dry cloths gently with warm air flow 4) Zip-over cloth cover for effective drying 5) Save ironing time due to reduced wrink
China (Mainland)
Features: 1) Can be used for germ killing, sterilization, fresh keeping and stench removing for fruit and vegetable 2) Can also be used for the precaution of SARS 3) Controlled by computer chi
China (Mainland)
Sell Oxygen Generator   Jan 21,2007
My company can supply incorporated oxygen generator, and the features are as follows: 1. The degree of automatization is high. Design of inbuilt air pump, convenient use 2. The performance of mole
China (Mainland)
Product Name: Hand Juicer Model Number: FK5016 Place of Origin: China Features: 1) Very easy to use. 2) The juicer just sits on the counter and the bottom piece, where you put the fruit in
China (Mainland)
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